Our acquisition services are geared towards locating the aircraft that meets your specific needs. Alpha Zulu Aviation specializes in providing complete services including location, inspection and evaluation of the chosen aircraft. This relieves you “the client” of the challenging, potentially long-term task of selecting the appropriate aircraft for your mission. Our intention is to put you into the aircraft that not only meets your needs, but offers the best value proposition.

The Alpha Zulu Aviation process is committed to exceeding your needs and expectations in every aspect of your acquisition.

Client Knowledge
Our selection process begins by getting to know the client and determining specific mission requirements including intended utilization, anticipated passenger requirements, aircraft performance, budgetary requirements and desired amenities.

Market Analysis
Our search engines provide current “real time” aircraft availability significantly shortening the research and selection time.

Pre-Sale Inspection
Upon selection of the chosen aircraft we will coordinate a pre-sale inspection with a highly qualified aircraft maintenance provider to completely inspect the aircraft, all flight logs and maintenance history to validate its airworthiness and compliance with all FAA requirements.

Contract Negotiation
Our staff of experts will assist in closing the acquisition with your best interests in mind including procuring finances, insurance and evaluating tax considerations.

Upon completion of your acquisition, Alpha Zulu Aviation can provide a full array of management services for your aircraft including maintenance services, refurbishment, systems upgrades or additions all of which can help improve your cost of ownership and overall value.